Actor: Adolphe Menjou

Little Miss Marker (1934)

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Shirley Temple’s small part in Stand Up and Cheer! won her a overnight fame. Variety christened her the “unofficial star” of the otherwise unremarkable film. That sent producers scrambling to find larger roles for her. Although she was under exclusive contract with Fox, director Alexander Hall persuaded her to audition for the best kid roles in years in a […]

The Front Page (1931)

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Having seen His Girl Friday a nearly uncountable number of times, I have always been curious to see the original film that it was based on. Howard Hawks famously changed the role of Hildy Johnson from a man to a woman, perfectly casting Rosalind Russell. Walter Burns and Hildy were those transformed from the best […]

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“It is clear that I must find my other half. But is it a he or a she? What does this person look like? Identical to me? Or somehow complementary?”
-Hedwig (John Cameron Mitchell)
from Hedwig and the Angry Inch