Actor: Cesar Romero

Lust in the Dust (1985)

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I have known about Lust in The Dust for ages, but didn’t get around to seeing it until now. Although Divine is one of my favorite actors, him appearing in a movie not directed by John Waters seemed like a bad idea. Then I learned that this was directed by Paul Bartel, who also made […]

Skidoo (1968)

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Why is it that great pop culture always seems to be tied up in some endless litigation, or under the control of executors or heirs who don’t understand its true worth? Reportedly Otto Preminger’s children, who control the director’s estate, have never allowed his 1968 film Skidoo to be released on video or DVD, believing it […]

Happy Go Lovely (1951)

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It is a mere coincidence that I wound up watching this two days after I watched The Red Shoes, but Happy Go Lovely is like “Red Shoes Light,” and I mean really light. Cesar Romero plays a hurried theatrical producer trying to produce a farcical play during the then-new Edinburgh International Festival. He’s out of […]

Random Quote

“What are you going to do, walk around New York in your bare feet?”
-Ann Quinn (Elyse Knox)
from I Wouldn’t Be In Your Shoes