Actor: Hattie McDaniel

Gone With The Wind (1939)

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Gone With The Wind is certainly one of those films, like Citizen Kane, that I occasionally feel compelled to watch every year and a half or so, just because it seems like my duty to do so. While Kane is always an emotional work out and bowls me over with its technical mastery, Gone with […]

True Confession (1937)

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I had never heard of True Confession before today, and was happy I found it, because Carole Lombard is incredibly funny in this screwball comedy. Lombard grew up with two older brother in Fort Wayne, Indiana and developed into something of a natural tomboy. It was this image that was carried over to the screen […]

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“What are you going to do, walk around New York in your bare feet?”
-Ann Quinn (Elyse Knox)
from I Wouldn’t Be In Your Shoes