Actor: Margot Kidder

Black Christmas (1974)

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Friends and I got together yesterday on Christmas in order to take in some Christmas horror flicks, and I watched Silent Night, Deadly Night for the second time in three days, and Santa’s Slay, which was so much better than I expected that I was left speechless when it ended. We did not have time […]

Sisters (1973)

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Sisters was one of the many movies I watched with friends yesterday for Halloween, but I slept through part of it, and so decided to watch it again today. Sisters could be labeled as terribly derivative of Hitchcock, or as a loving homage to the master of suspense, depending on how charitable you wish to […]

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“I spend the best years of my life raising a family and in one day you want to blow it up.”
-Blondie (Penny Singleton)
from Blondie Plays Cupid