Actor: Sarah Jessica Parker

Strangers With Candy (2005)

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TV shows based on movies, movies based on TV shows. It all seems like a bad idea to me. I rarely watch TV, and the last series I watched religiously from start to finish ended almost 10 years ago. That show was “Strangers with Candy,” a parody of the after school specials of the ‘70s […]

Mars Attacks! (1996)

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Mars Attacks! is another Tim Burton film along with Planet of the Apes, that got a pretty mixed reviews from both critics and fans. I watched it once before a few years ago and didn’t care for it all that much. But since I have been going through all of Tim Burton’s films, I decided […]

Ed Wood (1994)

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I first saw Ed Wood shortly after I was released, when I was doing a year of college abroad in Hungary. The university I was studying at showed films in a lecture hall almost every night of the week with admission costing under a dollar. I saw a lot of films there, including taking in […]

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