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Beware of Blondie (1950)

Phew, I finally got the the last film in the Blondie series. In the 28th movie in the series, Dagwood stays up night preparing his tax return. He goes to his office half-dead and takes a nap at his desk. Confusingly, Dagwood’s boss J.C. Dithers, who was earlier written out of the series, is again the owner of the company where Dagwood works, though he is away from the office. But then consistency was never too central to the series. The rather weak plot plot involves a blonde con artist swindling Dagwood out of some company bonds and his futile attempt to get them back. They one thing that stands out is a surreal dream sequence, in which Dagwood sees himself taken from his family and made part of a prison chain gang.

After the series ended, Columbia decided to launch a new series based on another comic strip, Gasoline Alley. Only two of these movies were made, so the studio decided to re-release the entire Blondie series, starting with the first entry from 1938. Arthur Lake and Penny Singleton reprized their roles in a Blondie radio series. Lake went on to play Dagwood yet again in a short-lived 1957 TV series. Singleton went on to play the idealized wife of the future, providing the voice of Jane Jetson. In the lat 1960s, the series was sold for syndication on TV, and later cable. I vaguely remember seeing a few of the films on Saturday afternoon TV in the ’80s.

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