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Blondie Brings Up Baby

With the forth film in the film in the Blondie series, it is clear that the producers felt confident that little Larry Simms, who played Baby Dumpling, was getting old enough to remember longer lines, and this film is centered mostly around him. Blondie is struggling to teacher her son the alphabet over breakfast and seems dismayed by his lack of progress when know-it-all neighbor boy Alvin Fuddle shows up to show off his knowledge and call the two Bumstead males dumbells.  A smooth-talking salesman comes around to give the boy an IQ test. “I’m a dumbell!” says Baby Dumpling, who is really the funniest thing in the movie. The salesman informs Blondie that she has the “grave responsibility” of raising a boy with a 168 IQ, and urges her to buy an expensive set of encyclopedias on child psychology. The Bumsteads enroll their son in school, and on his second day, the family dog Daisey is taken away by the city pound as she waits outside the school. The dog is finally traced to a cripple girl whose rich father saves Dagwood’s job, after he has been fired yet again from the Dithers Construction Company.

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