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Blondie Goes Latin

For the 8th installment in the Blondie series, the producers decided to make a musical. The musical numbers kind of miss the mark, but fortunately there are not too many of them. The plot involves the Bumsteads and Dagwood’s boss going on a cruise to South America, only to receive a telegram at the last minute that makes it necessary for Dagwood to stay at home. Due to a mix-up, he can’t get off the boat on time, and spends the whole cruise trying to hide from Blondie and getting drafted into the ship’s band.  Baby Dumpling sings a duet with a little girl he meets on the boat, and scene tries hard to be cute, but is somehow slightly creepy. Although the songs she was given were rather corny, Penny Singleton is a decent singer, and the scenes of Dagwood playing the drums, while disguising himself in full drag are funny enough to make it worth it to sit through the duller musical numbers.

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