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Blondie Goes to College (1942)

By the time of the 10th film in the Blondie series, the producers must have been scratching their heads and trying to think of situations they had not covered yet. Someone had the idea of sending Blondie and Dagwood to college (the first time for both) and off the went. When his parents go off to college and both get pursued by members of the opposite sex, Baby Dumpling goes to a military academy and turns into a hard-nosed soldier. Dagwood tries out for every athletic team on campus, and eventually gets accepted to the rowing team, inevitably ruining the school’s chances in the big rowing competition. The plot and gags are somewhat weak compared to some of the other Blondie films, but there is one quite funny moment when Blondie meets a fast talking English professor, played by Cliff Nazarro, a former Vaudevillian¬† who specialized in playing just such roles. Sitting next to Blondie in the classroom is a very young Lloyd Bridges.

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