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Blondie in Society

The 9th installment in the Blondie series gives up on the movie musical format that was somewhat awkwardly adapted in the preceding Blondie Goes Latin, and returns to the screwy kind of plot that made the first film in the series a success. While all of the proceeding films ran exactly 70 minutes to make them easier to run as the “B” picture in double features, this one runs 78 minutes, so maybe they were hoping it would run as an A?

The plot hits the ground running, with Dagwood racing down his street after an ambulance, worrying that something might be amiss at home. He is relieved when the ambulance drives on, but then notices that there are two police cars park outside the Bumstead residence. Blondie has called the police, believing that someone has forged Dagwood’s signature on a check. It turns out the Dagwood actually signed the check himself, as a loan to an old friend who ran off with the money. Blondie demands that he go out and not come back until he has the 50. The old friend is a dog breeder, and instead of returning with the money, Dagwood comes back with an enormous show dog with the fanciful name of “Champion Chin-up White Tie for Dinner,” who wreaks all sorts of havoc on the Bumstead home. Meanwhile, Dagwood’s boss Mr. Dithers is trying to win a contract with dog-loving millionaire (William Frawley of “I Love Lucy” in the first of several small roles in Blondie films). Baby Dumpling is trying to get his mom to agree to him joining the Boy Rangers, and is using outrageous and quite funny 40s slang as a way to convince her, since the Boy Rangers don’t speak that way. Everything comes together at the end in a dog show.

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