Movie of the Day

Blondie Knows Best

The 18th film in the Blondie series starts off with Dagwood learning that man with a reputation for being grumpy has moved into the neighborhood. He goes over to warm his heart and winds up wrecking his car and garage. The neighbor turns out to be a lawyer who files suit against Dagwood. Shemp Howard appears as a near-sighted but indefatigable processes server who spends the rest of the movie trying to get a summons into Dagwood’s hand. This was at the tail end of Shemp’s solo career, just before he rejoined the Three Stooges following Curly’s stroke and early retirement. Meanwhile, Dagwood’s boss gets into a nasty argument on the street with a stranger who turns out to be an important prospective client. Panicked, he urges Dagwood to impersonate himself, while he takes Dagwood’s place. The mistaken identities and failed attempts of the process server continue till the end of the film, when, as a rather clumsy plot device, Dagwood is injected with truth serum and comes clean.

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