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Blondie Meets the Boss

It is a busy week for me where I live, in Tokyo. It is Japan Fashion Week now, and I am out covering multiple fashion shows every day. What better way to unwind after a long day than some ’30s escapist entertainment.

Dagwood losses his job (again), Blondie goes to see the boss to get her husband his position back, and winds up getting offered it herself. Dagwood begrudgingly stays home to take care of the house and Baby Dumpling. Next-door boy Alvin Fuddle takes on a slightly larger role as a know-it-all who drops by uninvited to irritate the Bumsteads. A new character is introduced in the form of neighbor Marvin Williams (character actor Don Beddoe), a friend of Dagwood’s who likes to dispense advice, which gets Dagwood in trouble with Blondie. In this case, Dagwood goes fishing with Marvin, and winds up getting his photo taken in a boat with a girl in his arms, as he saves her from falling out of the boat. Inevitably, Blondie finds the photo and the other recurring theme of

There is a jitterbug dance contest, which is more-or-less unrelated to the rest of the plot , but highly amusing, nevertheless. The great visual gags in installment include Dagwood hiding Baby Dumpling and family mutt Daisey under his jacket in order to sneak them into the nightclub where the dance contest takes place and an impossibly light-footed Dagwood unwittingly joining the dance contest, where he creates a sensation.

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