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Blondie’s Anniversary

The 22nd installment in the Blondie series follows the familiar pattern of Dagwood losing his job and Blondie coming up with a scheme to win it back, but this one is not nearly as funny as some of the earlier entries. The plot revolves around Dagwood and his boss trying to win a contract to build a hospital, an open bid that is being moderated by a banker. Dagwood’s boss tries to get an advantage by getting in the good graces of the banker’s secretary by buying her an expensive watch. Blondie mistakenly thinks the watch is an anniversary present for her and keeps it. Dagwood buys a cheap substitute with $30 dollars borrowed from a loan shark, played by William Frawley, who later went on to play Fred Mertz in “I Love Lucy.” The scenes of him chasing Dagwood around town are the few funny moments in the film.

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