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Blondie’s Big Deal

As the post-War Blondie films continued, the plots got weaker an weaker, and the slapstick comedy was increased to compensate for it. In the 25th film in the series, Dagwood is experimenting with chemistry, trying to invent a fire-repellent paint. He convinces his boss to give a public demonstration at his fishing cabin, which provides a reason for some scene of Dagwood getting some wet paint brushes slapped across his face. The demonstration ends in disaster, though, with the cabin being burned to the ground and Dagwood disgraced. It seems a rival firm has switched the fire-repellent paint with one spiked with gasoline. Blondie then gets a job as a secretary at the firm to switch the paint back, and ends up tied up in the office of the unscrupulous business men. Needless to say, everything turns out fine in the end.

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