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Blondie’s Big Moment

The Bumstead return from a two-week vacation, and Dagwood is feeling on top of the world. Things quickly start to go downhill, though, as he makes his way to his first day back at work. Trying to a jelly doughnut on a crowded commuter bus, Dagwood gets jelly all over the suit of a high-strung stranger. Arriving at the office, he finds that his previous boss, the volatile Mr. Dithers, has sold the business to a Mr. Radcliffe, who turns out to be the jelly-soaked stranger. Dagwood is quickly demoted and losses his private office. Meanwhile, Blondie has made plans with Alexander’s teacher for his class to visit Dagwood’s office. Dagwood’s new boss is antagonized by a quiet little boy, while pursuing the millionaire owner of a plot of land he needs for a new development, with these two subplots coming together at the end. The music here seems to be working hard to underscore the comedic moments, and it needed it, as there is nothing especially funny.

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