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Blondie’s Blessed Event

At the end of Blondie Goes to College, the 10th installment of the Blondie series, the title character reveals that she is expecting a child, setting up the premise of the next film. At the opening of the 11th film, Blondie is expecting her second baby any minute. Due to the Hays Production code, the word “pregnant” is never used and the expectant mother does not show the slightest baby bump. Baby Dumpling decides that since he is about to be the older of two children in the household, he decides to start going by the name Alexander. (Although he had been referred to as “Dagwood Jr.” in previous films.) While everyone is waiting for the new baby, family dog Daisy has 5 puppies of her own. Dagwood is driving Blondie crazy with his fretting about her condition, so his boss sends him away to Chicago to make a speech for an architects’ convention. At the hotel in Chicago, Dagwood meets a playwright who is on the verge of being evicted for not paying his bill. Interested in a free dinner, he offers to write Dagwood’s speech. Dagwood mentions that he would be welcome to visit the Bumstead family sometime in the future. When he gets home, however, the playwright is already there, and quickly takes over the whole house and family. The house guest who quickly wears out his welcome is played by Hans Conried, a character actor known for his distinctive speaking voice and ability to do various accents. He was later go on to play roles on sitcoms like “I Love Lucy.” His part in this film seems to have been crafted especially for him, as he gets to showcase his talents by doing Shakespearean dialogue, a Russian theatrical producer and a Southern business tycoon. Mary Wickes has a small but funny role as a pushy maid thrust upon the Bumstead family, making this film less about Dagwood and Blondie than the other films in the series, but this one also has a strong plot and more funny lines than a few of the others that seem to have be quickly cranked out.

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