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Blondie’s Hero (1950)

As the Blondie series continued, it most have been difficult for the producers to think of predicaments that Dagwood had not been in yet, and they were eager to find any new untenable situations to place him in. In the 27th entry in the series, Dagwood is harassed by a fruit stand proprietor who is angered by his barking dogs. An army sergeant approaches him to say that he could learn to stand up for himself in the army reserves, and the next thing Dagwood knows, he is enlisted. The results, as could be expected, are disastrous.  Meanwhile, William Frawley (Fred Mertz from “I Love Lucy”), returns to the Blondie series to play another shady character, a conman posing as a real estate agent who sells the Bumstead home when Dagwood is away at boot camp. Blondie then plots a scheme to nab the crooks.

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