Movie of the Day

Blondie’s Secret

The 24th film in the Blondie series resorts to a lot of slapstick comedy to fill out a rather weak plot, with people getting beaned on the head with tennis rackets, and dogs biting people in the rear.

The Bumsteads are yet again waiting to go on a long-delayed vacation, when an important client requests changes in some blueprints. Blondie reluctantly agrees to delay their trip by one more day while Dagwood revises the plans. When the client demands further changes, Dagwood’s boss knows that Blondie will never consent to another postponement. Dagwood’s coworker Ollie, fearing that everyone may be laid off if the contract falls through, sneaks into the Bumstead house to steal their luggage, and gets bit by the family dog Daisy. In an entirely unrelated subplot, a ring of counterfeiters are passing phony bills all around town, and Blondie mistakenly winds up with a purse full of fake 10-dollar bills.

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