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Murder by Phone

Release: October 8, 1982Studio: Canadian Film Development CorporationDirector: Michael AndersonCast:Richard Chamberlain – Nat BridgerJohn Houseman – Stanley MarkowitzSara Botsford – Ridley TaylorRobin Gammell – Noah ClaytonGary Reineke – Lt. MearaBarry Morse – Fred WaitesAlan Scarfe – John WebsoleJames B. Douglas – Jack GilsdorfKen Pogue – Fil ThornerNeil Munro – WintersJefferson Mappin – PhotographerTom Butler – […]
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The Black Rose

Released: September 1, 1950Studio: 20th Century FoxDirector: Henry HathawayWriters: Talbot Jennings (screenplay), Thomas B. Costain (novel)Cast:Tyrone Power – Walter of GurnieOrson Welles – BayanCécile Aubry – MaryamJack Hawkins – Tristram GriffinMichael Rennie – King EdwardFinlay Currie – AlfgarHerbert Lom – AnthemusMary Clare – Countess Eleanor of LessfordRobert Blake – MahmoudAlfonso Bedoya – Lu ChungGibb McLaughlin […]
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Downton Abbey (2019)

“A royal visit is like a swan on a lake,” says a newcomer to the Downton Abbey servants’ quarters. “Grace and serenity above, demented kicking down below.” It’s a visual metaphor that Julian Fellowes used several times in interviews when the show he created a decade ago was sweeping the world. In the belated film […]
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Guy Kibbee

Filmography 3 Godfathers (1948) – Judge Fort Apache (1948) – Capt. Dr. Wilkens The Red Stallion (1947) – Ed Thompson The Romance of Rosy Ridge (1947) – Cal Baggett Over the Santa Fe Trail (1947) – Biscuits Lone Star Moonlight (1946) – Amos Norton Gentleman Joe Palooka (1946) – Uncle Charlie Singing on the Trail […]
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Dames (1934)

Cast Joan Blondell – MabelDick Powell – JimmyRuby Keeler – BarbaraZasu Pitts – MathildaGuy Kibbee – HoraceHugh Herbert – EzraArthur Vinton – Bulger – Ounce’s BodyguardPhil Regan – Johnny Harris – SongwriterArthur Aylesworth – Train ConductorJohnny Arthur – Billings – Ounce’s SecretaryLeila Bennett – Laura – Matilda’s MaidBerton Churchill – Harold Ellsworthy Todd Crew Directed […]
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Kansas City Princess

Cast Joan Blondell – Rosie Sturges Glenda Farrell – Marie Callahan Robert Armstrong – Dynamite ‘Dynie’ Carson Hugh Herbert – Junior Ashcraft Osgood Perkins – Marcel Duryea – French Private Eye T. Roy Barnes – Alderman James ‘Jim’ Cameron Hobart Cavanaugh – Alderman Sam Warren Gordon Westcott – Jimmy the Dude aka Frankie Smith Vince […]
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The Long Walk

“How you and I been walking along this road now? 50 years now?” an unnamed old man asks. The odd thing is the woman is speaking to, who also goes unnamed, couldn’t be much older than 20. The Old Man (Yannawoutthi Chanthalungsy) finds a decaying motorbike in the jungle where he has lived his whole […]
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Only the Animals

The Tokyo International Film Festival offers something that is rather rare in the city—the chance to see French films with English subtitles. I see as many as I can and am rarely disappointed. I went into Only the Animals knowing next to nothing about it. I was a bit apprehensive in the first ten minutes, […]
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La Llorona

“Guatemala is tired of weeping for its missing people,” a journalist says, wrapping up a report on the overturning of a court ruling that found a retired general guilty of genocide in the early 1980s. And La Llorona is a film about weeping. The news report is being broadcast on a widescreen TV in a […]
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Earthquake Bird

“I got a gig at the club in Ikebukuro,” Bob tells his friend Lucy during a hike into the mountains. “The band is really the best musicians I have ever played with. That is what I love about Japan—you get a second chance here.” Bob is a Brit running a Karaoke bar in 1989 Tokyo […]
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Witness to Murder

Director: Roy RowlandWriter: Chester ErskineCast:Barbara StanwyckGeorge SandersGary MerrillJesse WhiteHarry ShannonClaire CarletonLewis MartinDick ElliottHarry TylerJuanita Moore
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Kind Hearts and Coronets

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