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The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer

This film opens with one of the great cinematic reveals of the ’40s. Domestic servant Bessie (Lillian Randolph, who made a lasting impression with her small role as Annie in It’s a Wonderful Life), wakes up high school student Susan (Shirley Temple), who doesn’t want to get up as she feels “sklunklish.” When Bessie threatens […]
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Night and Day

As a big Cary Grant fan, a Cole Porter fanatic, and a member of the legions of admirers of Casablanca, this Porter biopic, from an era when the term “biopic” had yet to be coined, by Casablanca (1942) director Michael Curtiz, has the potential to be my favorite movies of all time. But, unexpectedly, I […]
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So much has been written about Suspicion, and every Hitchcock film, that it is hard to know what to say about it. The one thing that comes to mind is that it sets itself apart from other films of the ’40s as an early successful example of subjective filmmaking. In the ’60s, Roman Polanski would […]
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That Touch of Mink

By 1962, Cary Grant’s career had waxed and waned several times and the triumph of North by Northwest in 1959 represented something of a comeback for the star. In 1961, Doris day was the number one box office attraction in the world, but out of respect for Grant’s long and distinguished career, which was entering […]
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The Notorious Bettie Page

Every so often there is a biopic on a subject that is just a little too close to one’s previous interests, and this can actually lead to wanting to avoid these films, believing they would definitely “get it wrong” or for fear that they might shatter firmly held convictions about that person. I felt that […]
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The Bishop’s Wife

The Bishop’s Wife tries hard to be an uplifting Christmas film like another post-war drama, It’s a Wonderful Life (1946), but falls a bit short in its attempt to pull at the heartstrings. The script is not as tight, and the direction not as consistent as Capra’s perennial holiday favorite, but there is enough here […]
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Twelve years after Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman shared the screen in Hitchcock’s Notorious (1946), which was perhaps the best romantic film pairing ever, the two stars met again in Indiscreet, a romantic comedy directed by Stanley Donen. While Notorious was one of the most serious and ominous love stories ever produced in Hollywood, Indiscreet […]
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The Cat’s Meow

Most movie fans know William Randolph Hearst as the newspaper magnate who inspired the fictitious character Charles Foster Kane, and later became the real-life adversary of Citizen Kane and its creator Orson Welles, when he was understandably unhappy with the unflattering character obviously based on him, and used all of his considerable resources to try […]
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“C minus, ladies and gentlemen! I am below average!”
-Patrick (Ezra Miller)
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