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Charles Durning

Charles Durning has died. It should not come as a surprise for a man of 89 to die of natural causes. But Durning seemed to already be old when he started his career and continued it for decades and decades.  He even has one upcoming credit in Scavenger Killers, which is due out in 2013. Most obituary […]
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Farley Granger

Veteran actor Farley Granger died on March 27. As a testament to the longevity of his career, his death came nearly 64 years after he started filming his first leading role, in Nicholas Ray’s directorial debut, They Live By Night, and with last screen credit, in The Next Big Thing (2001), a fairly recent memory, […]
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Michael Gough

British actor Michael Gough died at the age of 94 this week in London. Most newspaper obituaries I have seen describe him as a “character actor,” but this appellation misses the main points of his career—its longevity, variety and distinction. Gough was of the old school. He was born to British parents in what is […]
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“You've what nearly every middle-aged man in America would love to have: freedom, real freedom.”
-Davalo (Khigh Dhiegh)
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