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Corpse Bride

When the Blu Ray format was announced, as a movie fan living in Japan, where the technology was developed, I should have been thrilled, but I found it hard to get excited about the new technology. I figured that the films that would most benefit from 5.1 surround sound and increased resolution would be things like Mission: Impossible, which I have no interest in seeing, and that the kinds of films I would love to see in the format wouldn’t be released for a very, very long time. Still we have no Vertigo or Citizen Kane on Blu Ray.
The first time I actually found a Blu Ray of a film I actually wanted to see was today, and the film was Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. It was stunning, even on a relatively small screen. Of course mostly of this due to extraordinary detail that Burton and his crew lovingly invested in each and every frame of the film, although we have to the Blu Ray format itself to thank for enabling it to be carried into our homes.

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