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The River of No Return (1954)

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I watched this film on VHS when I was 15 and trying to see every Marylin Monroe film I could get my hands on. Now I am on an Otto Preminger kick and watched it for a completely different reason. As a Preminger film, this Western is a bit of an oddity. Come to think […]

The Inspector General (1949)

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Today was another day I thought I just might miss my movie of the day. I’ve had a particularly nasty cold, and spent the day in bed moaning and groaning. I wasn’t sure I would even have the energy to sit up in bed and watch a movie. But then I remembered Norman Cousins’ book […]

Night and Day (1946)

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As a big Cary Grant fan, a Cole Porter fanatic, and a member of the legions of admirers of Casablanca, this Porter biopic, from an era when the term “biopic” had yet to be coined, by Casablanca (1942) director Michael Curtiz, has the potential to be my favorite movies of all time. But, unexpectedly, I […]

Random Quote

“I never drink wine... oh, what the hell. Let me try it.”
-Dracula (Leslie Nielsen)
from Dracula: Dead and Loving It