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Cry Baby

For my last John Waters film for this year and probably the last for a while, I watched Cry Baby. This was Waters only film made with a big Hollywood studio, and it shows. The anarchy of his early films such as Pink Flamingos has dried up, and the twisted comedy of Serial Mom is nowhere to be seen. The idea of a good girl who is sick of being good and dates a bad boy greaser named Cry Baby Walker has promise, but the musical numbers aren’t that great. Still, there are funny moments, such as Iggy Pop and Ricki Lake in straight disguises taking a tour of an orphanage where kids are displayed in showcases like puppies in a pet shop.  Since I love everything John Waters does, the worst I can say about this is that it is one of my least favorite John Waters movies, meaning it is better the most things made at the same time in America.

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