Movie of the Day

Despicable Me

An overweight, rather campy criminal who takes pride in being the worst person alive is furious to learn that a rival gang of criminals is trying to usurp the throne, and sets out with a ragtag team of cohorts to retain the title.

This is the plot of John Waters’ Pink Flamingos, often called the sickest film ever made, so I was a bit surprised to find an almost plot turn up in kids’ film. I have thought that computer animation of the Toy Story variety was never quite convincing enough, but the animation in this was not only convincing, but impressive. I found myself wondering if this was a Pixar film or a Disney film, and looked it up to discover that it is neither, although it does aspire to the high bar set by Pixar. But what makes this a work as a kids film is not the dazzling animation, or the pop culture references, but the rather touching story of a hardened adult whose life is changed by the innocent love of children.

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