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Devil Fetus (1983)

A family in Hong Kong, rich from real estate investments, has a bit of a black sheep in their midst in the form of the younger of two sisters. She buys a mysterious (and phallic) jade vase at an auction and goes ballistic when her two young nephews play with it. Okay. Then her husband comes back early from a business trip to Japan only find his wife in bed with a hideous creature who has materialized from the vase. Uh-huh. He freaks out smashes the vase. He grows mushrooms on his face and peels of his skin to reveal the spaghetti inside before jumping out the window. Mmm-kay. Granny spreads purifying salt in front of the house, and soon this is all trodden with demon footprints. I see. The demon transmogrifies into a cat and knocks the woman down a staircase, killing her. At her funeral, the Buddhist priest thinks he sees a demon fetus pop out of her belly. Alrighty. The priest sets up a shrine in their home to prevent their spirits from reincarnating and doing evil, warning that the charms must not be disturbed. 11 years later the two nephews are hip young dudes who dress like they are auditioning for Hong Kong remake of “Miami Vice” and they come home with a cute cousin who disturbs the charms just before the statute of limitations run out.  The demon soul is unleashed and passes into a piece of paper that is part of the all-important charm, which is then eaten by the family dog. The dog goes berserk and they have to kill it and bury it. Then the younger brother digs it up and eats its heart. Naturally. The younger brother then begins to dress like Michael Jackson and wear makeup. As possessed people do. He also shoots neon spirals from his forehead. His mom starts flying around her bedroom and getting attacked by the tacky furniture and carpet in their nouveau riche home. Serves her right. Meanwhile, granny starts preparing for an old school exorcism by collecting eagle’s blood. As you do. The older brother challenges his possessed sibling to a showdown in the basement, and the demon ends up a jack-o-lantern rotting away in time-lapse animation. Of course.

Sarcastic comments aside, Devil Fetus is a fairly entertaining cheapo horror film with some entertainingly bad special effects and soundtrack that is cool even though it rips of Brian Eno.

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