Director: Norman Z. McLeod

The Kid from Brooklyn (1946)

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Continuing with my private Danny Kaye film festival, I watched The Kid From Brooklyn. Kaye is as funny as always as a shy milkman who accidentally knocks out the middleweight boxing champ who is harassing his showgirl sister and is tricked into becoming a professional boxer, but the presence of producer Sam Goldwyn is all […]

Horse Feathers (1932)

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Marx Brothers fans love to debate which is the best of their films, and they usually fall into two camps: A Night at the Opera supporters and Duck Soup fans. When Groucho did a talk at Carnegie Hall in 1972, someone in the audience asked him which was his personal favorite. “A Night at the […]

Monkey Business (1931)

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After completing their first two films—The Cocoanuts and Animal Crackers—in Paramount’s studio Astoria Studios in Queens, the The Marx Brothers packed up and moved to California at the end of 1930, bringing along their recently widowed father. Born into the soot and grim of late 19th-century New York, the Brothers eagerly embraced the Southern Californian […]

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