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Drag Me To Hell

I am not sure if there is such a thing as an anti-defamation league for little old Hungarian ladies, but if there is they should band together and protest this film. I spent a year in Hungary, and never knew little old Hungarian ladies to be anything other than sweet and friendly. Not is this film. Sam Raimi creates one of the best horror villains in recent years with Sylvia Ganush (not even a real Hungarian name) in a movie that is truly scary.

Alison Lohman is in nearly every scene in Drag Me To Hell, and she does a good job to carry the film even though horror is obviously not her forte. She stood out in a very small role playing a younger version of Jessica Lange in Big Fish, and was the best thing in Where the Truth Lies. She not only looks a lot like Jennifer Jason Leigh, but she also reminds me of her in the sense of taking on challenging roles. Although I am not sure I like her enough to see everything she is in, because the film she was in right after this, Gamer, looks pretty bad.

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