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This is a film I have wanted to see for a  long time, despite the fact that I have heard that it is a disasters, and was in fact so bad that Anne Bancroft was never able to direct another film after this flopped. It is true that Bancroft never directed another film after this, but this is a great movie that is both funny and touching. Dom DeLuise plays Dom, a well-liked member of a large Italian family. Food has always been an important part of his life and his favorite cousin Sal taught him how to enjoy food. When the obese Sal drops dead at the age of 39, Dom is at first devastated and then worried about his own health. His new diet is hard to stick to, and he joins a support group called Chubby Checkers, who are there to talk him down when he feels a binge coming on. When he calls two Checkers to help him, they wind out binging together in one of the funniest scenes in the movie. In the end, it is Dom’s love for the girl of his dreams that allows him break his self-destructive relationship with food. Although Bancroft, who also wrote the script, throws in a few fat jokes here and there, this is not so much a movie about a large man as it is the story of a man who is able to find love and turn his life around at the age of 40.

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I took my daughter to see this movie as a child, loved it then and still feel the same today. There are so many moments to laugh as well as cry. All in all it’s a feel good movie

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