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Happy Go Lovely (1951)

Director: H. Bruce Humberstone
Starring: David Niven
Cesar Romero
Cinematographer: Erwin Hillier
Composer: Mischa Spoliansky
Costume design: Anna Duse
Year: 1951

It is a mere coincidence that I wound up watching this two days after I watched The Red Shoes, but Happy Go Lovely is like “Red Shoes Light,” and I mean really light. Cesar Romero plays a hurried theatrical producer trying to produce a farcical play during the then-new Edinburgh International Festival. He’s out of money and about to lose his sets when he hears the rumor that a dancer he has just fired is dating one of the richest men in Scotland. He hires her back , hoping she will help him get the funding he needs to save the show. The millionaire reads the same rumor in the papers and goes to see the dancer to set things straight. She thinks he is a report for the paper, a mistake he doesn’t correct. They fall in love and he eagerly saves the show, trying to keep his true wealth a secret from her. A very similar plot was used in the Marilyn Monroe film Let’s Make Love. Despite the somewhat weak plot, David Niven has just enough charm to add a few nice moments to this trifle.

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