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Yesterday, friends organized a screening of ice related film, hoping that all the arctic vistas would help us deal with the overwhelming heat here in Tokyo. After Ice Station Zebra and Ice Spiders, the final film was Iceman, during which I promptly fell asleep, so I decided to watch it again today. I remember watching this on TV shortly after it was released, and looking back, it seems that there was somewhat of a fascination with cavemen films in the ’80s, with Quest for Fire (1981) and Clan of the Cave Bear (1986). Iceman is probably the least silly and least exploitive of these, probably because there are no cavewomen to be seen. The scientific principles which allow a team of arctic researchers find a 40,000 year old man and revive him are pretty implausible, but once suspension of disbelief is achieved, this becomes a rather touching story of a scientist struggling to understand what it is that constitutes humanity.

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