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It’s A Great Life

For some reason, in the 13th installment in the Blondie series, Columbia decided for the first time to release the film under a title without the name Blondie, although it is easy to imagine the movie being billed on marquees as “Blondie in It’s a Great Life”. Otherwise, It’s a Great Life follows the formula established by previous films. In Blondie in Society, the 9th film in the series, Dagwood brings home an enormous Great Dane show dog which causes all sorts of problems before he begins to grow on the family and in the end. It’s A Great Life follows nearly the same plot, only the unexpected house guest is a horse, which Dagwood mistakenly buys for his boss after mishearing him ask him to buy “a house in the country.”  The few funny moments in this one come from a scatterbrained client of Dagwood’s company, played by Hugh Herbert, a character actor who seems to have made a career out of playing eccentric millionaires.

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