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Well, I got through 2010 watching a movie every day. My original plan one year ago was to see movies in theaters as often as I could, and only watch things at home or at friends’ homes when there was nothing playing that I hadn’t already scene. But I got lazy and watched stuff at home most of the time. That is why one of my new year’s resolutions is to go to the theaters more often. For my first film of 2011, I definitely wanted to see something in a theater, and I got the idea of seeing a midnight film so I could take in my first film of the year as early as possible.

I really didn’t know much about Kick-Ass, other than that it is about a normal high school student who becomes a super hero, but it was the only film I could find that was playing at exactly 12:01. Entering the theater was like stepping into another world in which I was only a visitor. I instantly understood that I would be the only person there seeing the film for the first time. I bought my ticket from a man in his early 20s dressed as the pre-teen assassin Hit-Girl. All the staff of the theater were dress as characters from the film, as were most of audience in the half-full theater. They announced that the plan to project a Twitter feed under the screen so moviegoers could comment on the movie while they watched it had been canceled at the last minute, since they did not want to ruin the enjoyment of anyone seeing the film for the first time, which again just made me aware of that I was the only “Kick-Ass virgin” in the crowd. People really went crazy when they started to hand out Kick-Ass posters, and the planned countdown to 2011 slipped everyone’s mind. The movie started at 12:01 as planned, but there was already enough enjoyment to make it worth the price of admission.

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