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Legally Blonde

After watching Miss Congeniality yesterday and finding myself laughing out loud, I decided to watch a different “chick flick” every day this week. But there is a catch. I don’t want to watch Rom-Coms. Watching Drew Barrymore deliberate for 90 minutes over which guy she wants to be with is not what I am interested in. I want to find some more movies about the transformation of the central character, who happens to be female.

Legally Blonde fits that bill, and is funny in the bargain. It starts with a Barbie-perfect sorority queen Elle (Reese Witherspoon) preparing for date which she is sure would be the big one where he pops the question. Although she is blonde and rather plastic. she is not an airhead. The shop clerk who is about to sell Elle a dress for the big date quips “there is nothing I love more than a dumb blonde with daddy’s plastic” is in for a quick shock, when her dumb blonde quashes her plan to charge her full retail price for last year’s model. She has not street smarts, but salon smarts. The big date ends with her getting dumped, rather than proposed to.

When her ex takes off for Harvard Law School, she spends the summer studying for the LSATs and shooting a sexy application video and follows him there. The path to her triumph in the courtroom is a bit predictable, but fun. The portrayal of first year law school and the use of legal procedure and jargon are probably not very accurate. But it hardly matters, as the story hits all the right bases to make it a feel good flick.

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