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Life Stinks

Life Stinks was a bit of a flop for Mel Brooks, and it has since been referred to as one of his weaker films. When the new Mel Brooks Collection was released on Blu Ray recently, this is one of the few films that was not included. Certainly Life Stinks has its problems. The story of an extremely rich and uncaring business man who lives in the slums of L.A. for a month on a bet for his own greater gain, both the worlds of the powerful and rich, and the desperate and poor are somewhat cartoonishly draw. While the portrayal of the lawyers who betray everyone is supposed to be satire, it is quite over done. There are traces of the Brooks comedy with some slapstick silliness, and the funniest moments involve an overzealous Spanish interpreter at the mission church. But Brooks is admirably trying to get as something more serious beneath the funny moments. While the plot and characters never seem entirely feasible or realistic, the dance sequence between Brooks and Lesley Ann Warren who plays a bag lady he falls in love with, set in a recycled clothing warehouse is fun, and there are a few moments that are actually touching, which is not something you can usually say about a Mel Brooks movie.

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