Movie of the Day

Mary Poppins

I watched Mary Poppins knowing that I wouldn’t like it, but felt I had to get around to watching it at some point in my life, just because it is referred to so often. It is not that I hate musicals. My Fair Lady, also from 1964, is a film I have seen multiple times, and I even enjoyed The Sound of Music to some degree. I think what the problem is that I just hate the Disney version of anything and everything. I perked up a bit when I saw Elsa Lanchester, who I have always liked in everything, but she is the nanny that is replaced by Mary Poppins, leaving in the first 10 minutes, never to return. Then Dick Van Dyke shows up to do one of the worst English accents ever committed to film. At least this might be a good film for children, but I am not even sure of that.

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