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Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

Having played more serious roles inDestination Tokyo (1943) and Notorious (1946), Cary Grant returned to comedy with Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, the story of a New York adman who decides to turn his life around by building the perfect home for himself and his family in Connecticut, a pet project that  takes over his life and finances in short order. The story may sound familiar as it was remade as The Money Pit (1986) with Tom Hanks and Are We Done Yet? (2007) with Ice Cube. While the original is not an laugh-out-loud funny movie in the way Grant’s earlier comedies like Bringing Up Baby (1938)were, there is something reassuringly charming in watching the attractive middle aged couple of Grant and Myrna Loy bickering and then making up, bickering and then making up, over and over again, and Melvyn Douglas is somewhat comical as their best friend lawyer, who warns them against every step they take.

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