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Little Miss Marker (1934)

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Shirley Temple’s small part in Stand Up and Cheer! won her a overnight fame. Variety christened her the “unofficial star” of the otherwise unremarkable film. That sent producers scrambling to find larger roles for her. Although she was under exclusive contract with Fox, director Alexander Hall persuaded her to audition for the best kid roles in years in a […]


Charles Durning

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Charles Durning has died. It should not come as a surprise for a man of 89 to die of natural causes. But Durning seemed to already be old when he started his career and continued it for decades and decades.  He even has one upcoming credit in Scavenger Killers, which is due out in 2013. Most obituary […]


Dustin Nguyen

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Had he not died an early and unexpected death at the age of 32, Bruce Lee would have turned 70 years old this November 27th. We can only imagine what he would be doing if he were still alive, but what is for certain, his influence as an icon of cinema and Asian culture continues […]

Film Guides

Shirley Temple at 85

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Today is Shirley Temple Black’s 85th birthday. The long-retired star and diplomat is likely quietly marking the day with family at her home in Woodside, California, where she remains largely out of the public eye.  Alas, a recently launched Twitter account purporting to be hers was revealed to be a fake after it started pumping […]

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8 Women

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Introduction 8 Women is one of the most beautifully stylized films of the last 20 years. Director François Ozon brought together the eight greatest—and most beautiful—working actresses in France. But this is much more a breathtaking pean to feminine beauty. It is also an ode to the Agatha Christie thriller and a homage to the […]

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Mad Movies With The L.A. Connection

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When people ask me how I came to love classic movies, there is a simple and definitive answer I can give them. The problem is most people have no idea what I am talking about. “Mad Movies with the L.A. Connection” was the last TV show which I made a point of seeing each time […]

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“To a new world of gods and monsters!”
-Dr. Pretorius (Ernest Thesiger)
from Bride of Frankenstein