Please Murder Me (1956)

Director: Peter Godfrey
Starring: Angela Lansbury
Raymond Burr
Cinematographer: Alan Stensvold
Composer: Albert Glasser
Year: 1956

It is hard to pass up a movie with a title like this. But after viewing it, it becomes clear that that the title is probably the best thing it has going. Despite big-name actors Raymond Burr and Angela Lansbury, the performances and direction are weak in this B film, which is in the public domain, and doesn’t even have a studio or production credit on it. The plot is framed in a similar way as a much better noir film, Double Indemnity, with Raymond Burr sitting at a desk in a dark office at night, explaining how and why he is going to be murdered exactly 55 minutes later. Cue the flashbacks. Burr, before starting his most famous role of Perry Mason, plays a lawyer who falls in love with the wife of an army buddy, who is later shot during a domestic dispute. When the wife (Angela Lansbury) is put on trial for murder, Burr defends her. Despite great potential for drama, we don’t get very much, and the movie just putters to a close.

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