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Pot o’ Gold

I was surprised that I had never heard of this movie before I stumbled across it at today. Unlike many of the public domain films at that have a cast of unknowns, this stars the lovely Paulette Goddard, and is also oneĀ  of the last films that Jimmy Stewart made before he went away with the Air Force, not appearing on the screen for five years until It’s A Wonderful Life. Stewart plays the owner of a failed music shop in a small town, who reluctantly goes to the big city (it is never made clear which city it is) to work for his uncle, but quickly falls in with a big musical Irish family which has a long-running feud with his uncle. The plot is not great, probably because the movie had to be built around the premise of a popular radio program, and Stewart later referred to the film as the worst he had ever been in. But there is an old fashioned charm to be had, and Stewart and Paulette Goddard are nice together on screen.

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