Ratatouille (2007)

I had never seen any of the Pixar films, but have always been curious of how good they look.  I find the 3D-motion capture live action/CGI mashup thing used in films A Christmas Carol extremely unconvincing and rather creepy, but I suspected that the Pixar films, which evidently are made from scratch in computers by artists without any motion capture or other motion capture or other gimmicks. The problem was always that movies like Toy Story are obviously geared toward kids and would probably bore me silly. But I have always liked movies about cooking, and so thought Ratatouille would be the perfect place to start. Wow, what a nice story. While the central conceit, that of a sewer rat turning a failed restaurant into the best in all of France, is of course pretty silly, but it must be easy even for kids to see that this is a fable with a message, the message being “anyone can cook.” The cooking scene seem to be pretty authentic, except for the part about being done by rats, I guess, and the restaurant appears to be meticulously based on the famed Tor D’Argent in Paris. It is never really explained why some of the human characters speak in outrageous French accents, and others in American accents, but it is only a movie after all.

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