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Satan’s School for Girls

Who can resist a 1970’s movie titled Satan’s School for Girls? Not me evidently. When I learned about this made-for-TV movie, I didn’t put it on the “watch soon” list or toss it on the “get to later” pile, but just watched it straight away.

This starts fairly promising, with a very ‘70s scene of a young woman with ironed-straight long hair driving down the highway trying to escape an assailant who is never shown on camera, running into her house, and screaming her head off while the camera dollies in. Unfortunately, but not entirely unexpectedly for an Aaron Spelling-produced TV movie, the quality quickly fell off thereafter. The story revolves around the screaming girl turning up hanged, and her sister refusing to accept the police verdict of suicide, and then goes undercover to investigate at her sister’s former school, a  girls’ colleague where students keep taking their own lives. The title pretty much gives up what is going to happen.

The fact that this was released just a few weeks before The Exorcist hit the theaters probably indicates that this was rushed out to capitalized on the who satanic girls craze.

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