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Scenes From A Mall (1991)

Director: Paul Mazursky
Starring: Bette Midler
Woody Allen
Year: 1991

Scenes From a Mall was somewhat of a critical flop when it was released in 1991, with Siskel and Ebert calling it the biggest disappointment of the year. Since Woody Allen was starring alongside Bette Midler, critics were probably expecting a comedy on a par with Woody’s own films. It is pretty clear from the onset that Woody had agreed to do this for a quick pay check. But watching this while keeping in mind that it was never supposed to be anything more than a light and frivolous comedy in which Woody Allen just happens to be an actor, it becomes quite enjoyable. There are some good one-liners, and even Bette Midler, who I have never especially been a fan of, turns in some funny moments. Paul Mazursky delights in having Allen play the antithesis of the persona he is famous for in his own films: a high-profile entertainment lawyer who drives a Saab and loves L.A.

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