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Serial Mom

I re-watch my favorite John Waters movies such as a Desperate Living and Female Trouble on a fairly regular basis (not every day or anything like that), but Serial Mom is one that I hadn’t seen since it first came out. Seeing it again reminded me that it is basically covers the same basic themes of all of Waters’ other films, namely poking fun at middle-class morality and scratching the thin veneer of suburban respectability to see what lurks beneath. Although this deals with serial killer housewife who bumps off anyone threatens the sanctity of her perfectly kept home, I remembered it significantly less gross than his earlier films. But I had forgotten all about scene in which Kathleen Turner’s character, who loves birds, watches an elderly couple disgustingly chomp on a chicken dinner and Turner sneezing a huge chuck of snot onto a baby’s face in church. Turner has to play a character who is alternatively perfect and deranged, and her performance is remarkable.

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