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I admit I like Sofia Coppola’s films. I appreciate that she is trying to bring an artiness in cinematography and storytelling that is usually only seen in European films to American audiences. But at the same time it is hard not to agree with the most common  criticism leveled at her—that all of her films are basically about rich people being board. Marie Antoinette, about the famously out-of-touch queen, is certainly both the richest and most bored in the Sofia canon.

But Somewhere, about a newly-famous Hollywood actor recuperating from a wrist broken while drunk, comes in a near second. Elle Fanning, as his 11-year-old estranged daughter who comes for a visit, is sweet, but that is really one of the few points of the film. Coppola is able to capture the loneliness in a crowd that Hollywood celebrities—at least the semi-conscious ones—must feel, but it was hard to feel connected to Stephen Dorff’s character, as he was driven around LA and flown around the world, feeling disconnected to everything.

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