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Strange Brew

Feature-length films based on characters developed for sketch comedy programs are almost always a bad idea. Although a few of them become hits, such as Wayne’s World, they still seem like a case of trying to squeeze too much out of too little. Although SCTV was the best sketch comedy show ever made, in my opinion at least, transforming one of its weaker sketches into a 90-minute film seems like a recipe for disaster. Things look bad as the movie opens with a completely superfluous framing device in which the McKenzie brother introduce the film they have made then thread up a projector, only to be chased out of the theater by angry movie-goers, but then a fairly conventional comedy film with touches of suspense begins. Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas’s slurred speech and slow-witted delivery wear thin pretty quickly. The fact that the evil owner of the brewery where the unmotivated brothers find work is played Max von Sydow, who is good no matter what he is in, help a lot, as does the fact that the storyline is littered with parallels and references to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which at least gives you something to look out for.

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