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Take the Money and Run

Woody Allen’s first true directorial credit is a fun and silly film which I have seen countless times, usually laughing at the same spots every time I see it. But Take the Money and Run is the kind of film that is always all the more fun to watch with others.

I remember the first time we saw this as if it were yesterday, although it was over 10 years ago. I was working at my college’s library when one of the older librarians invited me and a few of the other student workers to her home for a dinner party. After a fine meal, which I and the other students were desperately in need of, our host said “let’s see what’s on TV.” We turned on PBS just in time to see the beginning of Take the Money and Run. We laughed like crazy all the way through the movie, and it was the perfect ending to a fun evening. Tonight I got together with a few friends with no plan other than to watch “a few comedy films,” and this floated to the top of the stack of DVDs. It was slightly different watching it this time around, since I know all of the jokes by heart and know when they are coming, but this is still a film that is much funner to watch surrounded by good friends.

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