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The Kid from Brooklyn

Continuing with my private Danny Kaye film festival, I watched The Kid From Brooklyn. Kaye is as funny as always as a shy milkman who accidentally knocks out the middleweight boxing champ who is harassing his showgirl sister and is tricked into becoming a professional boxer, but the presence of producer Sam Goldwyn is all to present in most of the film, which only distracts from the boxing storyline and the leading star. The Kaye vehicle The Secret Life of Walter Mitty made a lot of money for The Sam Goldwyn Company, and the producer was always trying to do things bigger and better. For Goldwyn, this mean adding a lot of song and dance numbers with the “Goldwyn Girls” and costar Vera-Ellen. The song numbers are incredibly corny, and the opening one, featuring milky maids in skimpy short shorts dancing around a cow in what is revealed to be an advertisement for a dairy company, is one of the campiest things I have seen come out of the ‘40s. On the plus side, Eve Arden adds laughs as the girlfriend of the unscrupulous fight promoter who manages the boxing milkman.

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