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The Loves of Carmen (1948)

Today was a day that I thought I might miss my daily dose of cinema. For work, I had to go to another town in the middle of nowhere that is three hours away by train. On the way back, I just missed a train and had to wait an hour before a three and a half hour ride back. I was worn out and thinking about going to bed without watching a movie. But the idea of  a Rita Hayworth movie waiting at home for me perked me up considerably. The scene is which Rita Hayworth as Carmen, chomping on an orange, hops off a stone wall into the arms Glenn Ford slides down his body until they are face to face is hot stuff, and made me happy that I was still awake enough to put the film on.

The Loves of Carmen is based on the same novel as the Bizet opera, but doesn’t use any of Bizet’s music and takes it structure from the novel, the story of an earnest soldier who is destroyed by his love for a gypsy girl, rather than the abbreviated plot from the opera. The title character is a role that Hayworth was born to play. The actress often referred to herself as a “Spanish peasant,” and she grew up learning Spanish dance from her father. As co-producer of this film, Hayworth was able to hire her father to choreograph the dance sequences, in which Rita really shines.

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