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The Machine Girl

I’m continuing to watch films by Yoshihiro Nishimura ahead of my interview with him this week. Nishimura did not direct this one, but he did do the very prominent special effects and the success of this film, especially in America, did open the door for him to make his directorial debut with Tokyo Gore Police.

The Machine Girl is a low-budget romp with which is 100 times more over the top and exciting than anything Quentin Tarantino could ever come up with. The film jumps right into an epic battle between a group of bullies and the title character, a high school girl missing her left arm, with a custom-made machine gun fitting the stump. Flash back several weeks and she is a normal, innocent high school girl who loves basketball and is creepily close to her younger brother. Her world falls apart when her brother and his nerdy friend are killed by bullies and the mechanic parents of the friend blame her for bringing bad luck to their family. She finds her brother’s notebook with the names of the bullies, and goes after them one by one. Her first stop does not go well as the bully’s mom dips her left arm in tempura batter and deep fries it. She retreats long enough to get her shit together and comes back with a vengeance. The rest of the movie is basically one drawn out kill after another, each one more ludicrous and over-the-top than the one before. Oh, and Ami becomes the machine girl when she reconciles with the mechanic parents of her brother’s friend, and she fits tempura-fried arm with a machine gun, you know, as you do.

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